Thursday, 15 March 2018


Is this vital industry been deliberately pushed to failure?

Despite positive signs of future orders no action is taken for the employment of new workers.

This can only affect negatively the sustainability of the company in a time when Greece needs  hot income from foreign orders. 

A large part of Greek defence industry at the moment  is the programme of modernisation of the
Orion P3-C aircraft four of which EAB ( Hellenic Aerospace Industry) has undertaken to modernise.
                                                                                                                                         Tsakalotos and Tsipras are deep in thought. Why?

Unfortunately work cannot continue without the employment of ninenty specialist workers. This can only go ahead with the signing of the appropriate order by the Economic Minister Mr Tsakalotos.
At times when employment is used by the ruling Syriza Party as a means of political  manipulation, it seems quite short sighted to allow the Defence Industry to wither and possibly fall in the hands of foreign capital.

Mr Tsakalotos has not given reasons for the delay nor has he objected to the need for the replacement of workers who have left for various reasons such as pensioning and mass exits.
He has , however, put the signing on ice.
On the other hand, the need for 118 positions in the OTA (Local Government organisations)  have just been announced by Government.
Knowing the past record of this government in using employment for political reasons, we can only assume that these positions will be filled by relatives, friends and all sorts of other potentially electorally useful people.

Image result for p3c orion

The above picture is from an Orion P3-C parts info board from the USAN.

For the record, Mr Tsakalotos replaced Giannis Varoufakis as Finance Minister.


Monday, 12 March 2018


Straight from WIKI this is this latest list of countries by credit ratings

Only grahics are included for simpler viewing. A complete list can be obtained from the source.

Standard and Poor's







Wednesday, 10 January 2018

No Sir, not arthour evans


I was completely surprised to discover and embarrassed not have known that there has been another Discoverer of Knossos.
For decades Arthur Evans has been credited with the discovery of the palace of Knossos in Crete.
But the person who first set foot and excavated the ruins was Cretan  merchant and scholar Minos Kalokairinos.
The chain of events of this extraordinary part of Greek history is as follows:
1843    Minos Kalokairinos is born, fifth child of merchant Andreas Kalokairinos.
1862    Minos starts studies at the Law School in Athens. At 20 h.e has lost his mother and 3 brothers. His father died in 1864. This forces him to return to Crete and get involved with the family extensive business. In 1869 he marries Skevo Kriezi with whom he had five children.
1878    Kalokairinos has read Homer and other classical writers, mainly from Korais' library, so he decides that he will dig to find Minos' palace as it was described by Homer. He finds the store rooms of the palace where the royals kept their olive oil, wine etc. He also finds the corridor leading to the Royal throne.
The (Christian!) Pasha stops the dig fearing that international recognition will promote Cretan liberation.
Kalokairinos sends samples of the findings to the biggest European museums. Arthur Evans, curator of the Oxford Museum goes to Crete and works with Kalokairinos to get permission for more digs to no avail.
1898 25th August   During the 25th August events, Turks kill the brother and son of Kalokairinos. They burn his house and with it all artefacts and treasures he had found. Kalokairinos is ruined financially.
Crete is freed this year and Evans gets approval from the Cretan National Assembly for more digs but keeps Kalokairinos out of the picture.

 And there you have it.
Whom do you blame for this injustice? 
The Turkish rulers?
Arthur Evans?
The Crete National Assembly?

Talk soon

Friday, 26 May 2017



The need of gas exploration and distribution in the East Med has been obvious as geopolitics and geophysics have been forcing an ever increasing number of governments and oil companies to explore new fields for an energy hungry Europe.

Map of Med EEZs
The East Med is emerging as the prime location of the most important hydrocarbon concentrations in the European locality.  Hydrocarbons have been found in the basins of Egypt, Israel and Cyprus, with more expected to be found in the areas around Crete and the Ionian Sea.
The politics of the three major players have been geared towards cooperating to create the conditions for safe and efficient exploration. 
To do this they have come to agreements on territorial claims using the internationally accepted codes of practice, namely the delimitation of  EXCLUSIVE ECONOMIC ZONES (EEZs).

There is, however, a problem: the refusal by neighbouring Turkey to allow the peaceful delimitation of the  EEZs.
The Turkish problem is that its sea border with Greece does not allow for expansion into the Aegean. Because of this, Turkey, in recent years,  since Aegean and East Med energy has become important for the region, has devised a number of ways to disrupt exploration and claim Greek Aegean areas as its own.

Kastelorizo denies Turkey exit to the Med.
It behaves as a "policeman" with continuous naval and air exercises in international waters between itself and Greece, with search operations as far as southwest of Crete and claims of territorial waters far beyond its continental shelf.
Turkey has followed the "Death by a thousand stabbings" policy in its effort to create the climate of ownership on the Aegean.
It is becoming increasingly obvious that the policy of ignoring or playing down these activities from the part of Greece has the opposite effect on its aggressive neighbour.    As it is well known appeasement results in audacity and breeds aggression. So it is important, according to this reporter's opinion, for Greece to take positive steps to do the following:
Agree EEZs with Israel, Cyprus, Egypt, Italy and possibly Albania to create a climate of action and  cooperation with its neighbours.

Take steps to go forward with gas exploration in the two areas already identified around south of Crete and the Ionian sea.

Call on Turkey to come to dialogue over creating an EEZ between the two countries.
60% in Libya, 40% in Greece
It is now more important than ever, since apparently, the biggest deposit of natural gas in the world has been found between Crete and Libya.

I wonder is this why our countries are destroyed by International Imperialism?



Wednesday, 12 October 2016

The curse of Casandra follows greece.


New "evidence" shows Greeks built China's Terracotta Army. Really!

Shown below is part of an article on the BBC website about China's terracotta army and its connection with ancient Greece and the reality as the ancients saw it.

..."China and the West were in contact more than 1,500 years before European explorer Marco Polo arrived in China, new finds suggest.
Archaeologists say inspiration for the Terracotta Warriors, found at the Tomb of the First Emperor near today's Xian, may have come from Ancient Greece.
They also say ancient Greek artisans could have been training locals there in the Third Century BC.
Polo's 13th Century travel to China had been thought the first by a European.

History goes further than this.

"We now have evidence that close contact existed between the First Emperor's China and the West before the formal opening of the Silk Road. This is far earlier than we formerly thought," said Senior Archaeologist Li Xiuzhen, from the Emperor Qin Shi Huang's Mausoleum Site Museum.
  • The Greatest Tomb on Earth: Secrets of Ancient China will be shown in the UK on BBC Two on 16 October at 20:00 BST 
  • The Chinese emperor who burned books
A separate study shows European-specific mitochondrial DNA has been found at sites in China's westernmost Xinjiang Province, suggesting that Westerners may have settled, lived and died there before and during the time of the First Emperor.
Prof Lukas Nickel from the University of Vienna says statues of circus acrobats recently found at the First Emperor's tomb support this theory.
He believes the First Emperor was influenced by the arrival of Greek statues in Central Asia in the century following Alexander the Great, who died in 323BC."...

Read the whole article  HERE

                             Ancient connections

So the "Western" influence on the East was happening from very ancient times.
Such influence is described in the rhapsodies of epic poet Nonnos Panopolitis (Νόννος ο Πανοπολίτης) born in Panopolis - Egypt, 4th century BC, about God Dionyso's travel to China and India.
Get a taste of the Epic poem Dionysiaka in Greek  HERE.

Above a map of the Ionian province in China where grapes are cultivated and wine is produced.
More info   HERE.

A possible line of travel by the Ancients to the East can also be seen drawn in red. It has been said that the Black Sea was once connected to the Caspian Sea as water levels were higher making the voyage of the Argonauts a historical event and not a mere myth.

More and more we see examples of the interconnection of the ancient worlds and something that sometimes appears to be unbelievable is actually fact.

                       And with that bombshell I bid you good night.

Thursday, 25 August 2016


Is Greece's political system in crisis?

In a recent conversation between friends the matter of democratic procedure arose, resulting in a heated discussion and-of course-disagreement among friends.

What is the acceptable level of participation in a general election?

Αλέξης ΤσίπραςIn the last general election in Greece on September 2015, the second in one year, it was argued that the people spoke in favour of the status quo and returned as winners the winners of the previous election of January 2015.
But is this true or is it another "brick on the wall"?

Alex. Tsipras leader of SYRIZA winner of both elections. Is he happy with the course of Democracy in Greece?

Here are the statistics.

January 2015
People eligible to vote:             9.911.495         100.00%
Voted:                                      6.330.786           63.87%
Abstentions:                              3.580.709          35.13%

September 2015
People eligible to vote:             9.840.525         100.00%
Voted:                                       5.566.295          56.57%
Abstentions:                              4.274.230          43.43%

It is obvious that within 8 months the abstentions rose by 8.3%; a percentage which is enough to completely change the political spectrum of the Parliament.
If these people were people who were disillusioned with politics, then the outcome could be very different.

Also the fact is that in the September election just over half OF the eligible voters went to the poles.

If these elections were won by a "rightist" party then the "leftist" parties would call the election undemocratic, whereas now they call it the WILL OF THE PEOPLE.

Results by district showing the two top party distribution

               January 2015                     September 2015

Greek legislative elections 2015 map.svgGreek legislative elections Sept 2015 map.svg



...and... the cryptic lines...

For those who were in the Tinderbox the other night.

Yianni sorry for the mistake; I looked in the wrong list. 

Stelio you should have corrected me, not let it pass...

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Wednesday, 10 August 2016


Countries where there is no ACOUNTABILITY are destined to fail

The following piece of news was reported in the daily newspaper TA NEA and is indicative of the ethos of the people who operate within the entity called  "the Greek State".

We reproduce it as it was written to preserve authenticity.
To read this in your language please use the tool on the right.

 Γνωστός οπερατέρ καταγγέλλει σε ανάρτησή του στο facebook αστυνομικό για την επιθετική συμπεριφορά του στο σταθμό του μετρό του Αγίου Δημητρίου με αφορμή το τικ που έχει λόγω της ασθένειας που αντιμετωπίζει. Ακουλουθεί η καταγγελία στo facebook του κ. Μανώλη Τρίκα που έχει κάνει το γύρo του διαδικτύου:

''Σήμερα στο σταθμό του Αγ. Δημητριου στις 13:30 με πλησίασε ένας αστυνομικός σε απόσταση αναπνοής και με διάλεκτο πεζοδρομίου με ρώτησε γιατί κάνω ΤΙΚ. Του απάντησα οτι "έχω κινητικό πρόβλημα" και αυτός μου είπε ότι "μου ειναι αδιάφορο, τρομοκρατείς τους επιβάτες".

Η απάντηση μου ήταν "Δυστυχώς δεν μπορώ να κάνω κάτι γι αυτο"
Εκείνος μου απάντησε ότι " θα έπρεπε να ντρέπεσαι που κυκλοφορείς στο δρόμο, να κάτσεις σπίτι σου".
Τον ρώτησα " μήπως θα έπρεπε να αυτοκτονήσω απο την ντροπή μου;"
Η απάντηση του ήταν "αυτο πρέπει να το τακτοποιησεις εσύ" στη συνεχεια του είπα " πρέπει να ξέρετε ότι με προσβάλλεται και ο τρόπος σας δεν αρμόζει στη στολή που φοράτε" απάντησε "εσύ προσβάλλεις τον κόσμο δίπλα σου με αυτά που κάνεις. Τι ειναι αυτο που λες ότι έχεις ρε ΕΓΩ δε το ξέρω"

Του είπα την πάθηση και μου είπε "δε μου λέει τίποτα, τι ειναι αυτο ;"
Τον ρώτησα , "έχετε ιατρικές γνώσεις;"
Η απάντηση του ήταν να βγω απο το σταθμό
Ζήτησα τα στοιχεία του και αυτός μου είπε ότι θέλει τα δικά μου και οτι δεν ειναι υποχρεωμένος να μου δώσει κανένα στοιχείο " αν θες βρεστα απο το τμήμα και διάταξε να τον ακολουθήσω.
Πήγαμε επάνω σε ένα δωμάτιο και μου είπε "πέρνα μέσα ρε" εγώ πήγα ακριβώς δίπλα και ζήτησα απο την επόπτρια του σταθμού να έρθει μαζί μας.

Αυτός με έντονη φωνή είπε "αστην αυτήν και έλα να τα πούμε οι δυο μας" η απάντηση μου ήταν
"δεν έχω να πω τίποτα χωρίς μάρτυρα" η επόπτρια του σταθμού ήρθε μαζί και αυτός άρχισε να λέει παραμύθια εξήγησα στην επόπτρια τι έγινε και αυτός άρχισε να μιλάει προσβλητικά του ζήτησα να μου μιλάει στον πληθυντικό και μου απάντησε "είμαι αστυνομικός και μιλάω οπως θέλω άμα θέλεις να μου κάνεις αναφορά"
μου ζήτησε τα στοιχεία μου και του έδωσα την ταυτότητα του ζήτησα τα δικά του και μου είπε να πάω στο τμήμα
Όταν όμως είδε πως έγραψα τον αριθμό του στο κινητό μου ..704830.... τότε μου είπε "έλα να σου τα δώσω δε χρειάζεται να κοιτάς τον αριθμό και πήγαινε στο διοικητή και πες του ότι θέλεις του είπα το θα πάω στη ΓΑΔΑ

Η συμπεριφορά του ήταν επιθετική βγήκε έξω πρώτος και με περιμενε στη σκάλα
εγώ έφυγα απο την άλλη πλευρά, πήγε να με ακολουθήσει και σταμάτησε
μέχρι να έρθει το τραίνο είχε κάτσει απο επάνω και με κοίταζε επίμονα''